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Y7 Israel Innovation & Entrepreneurship Internship – Tel Aviv

The Y7 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track has been one of the most important experiences of my career. I have always wanted to develop a great idea into a business and with Y7 — I am doing just that. The Y7 program brings together participants from different academic backgrounds and encourages them to develop a product or service that answers a real world need. With the mentorship of some of the world’s finest leaders in an array of industries, along with cutting edge methodologies proven to help the success rate of a startup, Y7 helps young entrepreneurs fulfill the dream of creating a meaningful business of their own.” – Ari Pinkas, Canada


Y7 was established in Israel, with the vision of creating a light-house of Israeli based innovation, harnessed to world needs, within the spirit of Tikun Olam.

It is an interdisciplinary innovation germination and acceleration track for young graduates and potential innovators. Y7 provides tools and empowers participants to design and develop new products and services to answer specific social, commercial or technology world needs. This track is a unique way for those of a passionate spirit, to get access to the best of Israel’s innovative ways and means and to help them discover their own creativity and the way it can flower in a practical way.

At the end of the program – all participants of the Y7 program acquire invaluable skills in innovation that will serve them in becoming leaders of innovation and entrepreneurship.

In some cases – they may decide to establish their own start-up companies based on projects they have developed within the program. In other cases, they may choose to develop these projects with different sponsors or investors who will be exposed to their results.

Participants will also join a global network of Y7 members through centers now in development in Latin America, China and more.

Participation on Y7 Track is an additional $1,200 to the Career Israel tuition

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Tel Aviv – Yafo – A Center for Innovation

Israel has the second-largest number of startup companies in the world (after the United States) and the largest number of NASDAQ-listed companies outside North America. Innovation is happening all around the wonderful city of Tel Aviv – Yafo and Y7 Participants have the opportunity to join this creative milieu: live in Tel Aviv, work alongside Israeli teams and create their own innovative venture.

Y7 provides participants with the time, space, tools, support, and freedom to become an active part of the creativity feeding the innovative spirit that was the very essence that gave birth to the state of Israel and has built its strength and resilience despite the impossible.


5 Month Internship as Entrepreneurs Designing New Products and Services

Founded and facilitated by the renowned PenZA Perception Lab group, the Y7 track introduces participants to a creative process based on a Design Thinking approach which exposes them to specific social, commercial and sustainability market needs, builds a strong team of like-minded participants, and gives the teams the tools to create new products and services to answer these challenges. The teams work together to generate innovative solutions that may later lead them to form their own enterprises. This track gives participants the opportunity and freedom to intern as entrepreneurs and generate unique projects.  Throughout the internship, Y7 mentors guide the process which culminates in a demo day where the projects are presented to potential investors, clients, or other stakeholders.




Application and Interview Process

The program seeks candidates from different disciplines, who have perceptive and creative minds, are highly self-motivated, work well in a team, have high personal values and are oriented to application. Potential candidates are invited to send their CV’s, and a personal application letter explaining why they want to join the program, and what unique skills, motivations and human qualities they can bring to it.  Selected candidates will be invited for an online video interview with the program directors for final evaluation and tuning expectations.



זD Innovation Through Design Thinking

“Design Thinking represents a cutting edge new field in fostering innovation, taken from a long standing tradition of cultural creation, based largely on the field of industrial, graphic, interactive and user experience design. Design is a multi-layered and multi-dimensional discipline, connecting un-measurable elements into a visual, sensory and experiential connection that cannot be logically quantified…. This “genetic” and unique characterization is extremely meaningful, and it trains its practitioners to perceive the future”   Excerpt from Professor Tarazi’s new book: זD Innovation Through Design Thinking (published in Hebrew in 2013.)


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Mentors and Speakers

Lead by Prof. Ezri Tarazi from the famous Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Y7 is a venture of PenZA Perception Lab, a leading visionary Israeli innovative Think Tank with a global reach. The Y7 leadership and mentoring team include prime figures from the Israeli academic sector, joined with Innovation practitioners in various fields.


Program Directors

taraziProf. Ezri Tarazi

Professor Ezri Tarazi is a world renowned industrial designer and educator for design. He is a member of the Israeli High Education Council and acts as chair of the Master’s Program in Industrial Design (M.Des) at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem since 2004. Prof. Tarazi is the founder of the “dVision” program of Keter Plastic, a Design Lab that acts as a unique model for innovation and cooperation between Academy and the business sector. Prof. Tarazi is and has been involved in a variety of startup ventures in multiple industries and has initiated and designed innovative products with widespread distribution. He also acts as a lead consultant to the Israeli Ministry of Trade for promoting innovation in low-tech industries.

ginosarZohar Ginosar

 Zohar Ginnosar is a senior international strategic consultant specializing in methodologies for analysis and design of national strategies in various areas, and in national transformation processes. Mr. Ginosar has lead national strategic analysis processes for governments worldwide. He is a founding member, president and CEO of PenZa Perception Lab, and an entrepreneur involved in several start-up ventures. Mr. Ginosar also acts as a lecturer and mentor for innovation strategies at national and orgnizational levels and has led workshops and programs in this area in Israel, Europe and South America. His academic background includes studies in Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology, and an MBA from Haifa University. Mr. Ginosar has also participated in various advanced programs in strategy, leadership and systemic thinking in Israel and in Europe.


Other Mentors and Speakers

herzogRa’anan Herzog

Ra’anan Herzog has been an entrepreneur and business & strategy consultant in several industries and leading academic institutions in Israel. He is the co-founder of UniVerve Ltd., where he also acts as CTO and CSO.    Ra’anan is leading seminars in business planning for the MBA program at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzelia, Israel, and lectures at various academic institutions to include The Technion, Rupin, and more. He serves as the chairman of board at “young entrepreneurs’ initiation” Ra’anan holds a LLB from the University of East London and a Masters’ degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (ISEMI) from Swinbourne University in Australia. Ra’anan is a passionate inventor and has several patents on his name.


galDr. Shachaf Gal

 Dr. Shachaf Gal: With a PHD in Administration, Planning and Social Policy from Harvard University, Dr. Gal has 25 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and manager, innovative educational leadership and research – in the USA and Israel. He’s been involved in developing and executing national policy for educational innovation, and e-learning products for corporate, workplace and education, including the NSF, US Congress, EU, Apple, NYNEX. Dr. Gal is a prime strategic consultant to Israel’s Ministry of Education, the Division for Experiments and Innovation, and other national educational initiatives.


barabiBarak Barabi

Barak Barabi: With a B.SC. in Math and Physics and an M.A Science Philosophy and History from Tel-Aviv University, Mr. Barak Barabi has a passion for the deeper understanding and philosophy of Math and Science, and for the development of methodologies and programs for the transference of this passion. Barak has 21 years of experience in Math and Science programs development and transference, and is an author of teaching books in these subjects. He has been the Co-founder of “Descartes” a leading private school for collage exams preparation, and acted as a senior lecturer in the Teacher’s Training Academy in Tel-Aviv Program for Math and Science. Barak is also a senior lecturer in the top Private Israeli School for Math and Science and program and is a reformer for new pedagogical approach for Math and Sciences for the Branco Weiss Institute – one of the largest funds for new education. Currently Barak is playing a leading Role in PenZA’s education project in China, with emphasis on promoting models for development intelligence in Math and Science studies.


hirschCarmit Hirsch

Carmit Hirsch – User Interface and Graphic Design. With Degrees in Computers Sciences and management, Carmit has 15 years of experience in creative design of Internet and Mobile startups.

gelbourtIdan Gelbourt

Idan Gelbourt is a serial entrepreneur that has worked with some of the hottest startups in Israel over the last few years, including Onavo and PrimeSense, as well as developing several personal projects.


Theme List and Explanation

  • Cottage Industries of the Future: The Cottage Industries is a term which was born in times of economic difficulties where the need to make a living forced people to find “things they can do from home” like selling jam and small home industries. In our era, the term “The cottage Industries of the future” refers to small businesses that may be generated and operated from home, also using web and mobile technologies. This is a wide open area for innovation.
  • Products and Service for the Elderly: Within the global improvement of quality of life and health services caring for the elderly population becomes one of the most prominent needs of our future society. This opens the door for a huge range of potential products and service and a most fertile field for innovation with social contribution.
  • Disaster Relief and Post Disaster Reconstruction: As the current environmental trends indicate a grave future to our planet, natural disasters are becoming more and more frequent, with growingly devastating results. Yet current ways, means and processes used for post disaster areas are way behind the real need, and in most cases have made very little progress in the recent decades. This is a very large area for innovation, presenting a huge room for current and future demand.



1 Month Ulpan and High Holidays
16 Week Y7 Innovation Internship

Sample Schedule

Week 1:
Opening Seminar – World Trend
7D process
Introduction to Innovation

Week 2:
Plow – D1
Setting the Scene and Territory

Week 3:
Define the Project and Design Brief
D1 Elevator Pitch

Week 4:
Seed – D2
User Oriented approach methodologies

Week 5:
5i model
Detection Tools
User Observations

Week 6:
Benchmark IP search

Week 7:
Sprout – D3
Ideation tools
5 Dimensions World

Week 8:
Ideation workshop

Week 9:
Ideation visualization workshop
D3 Roadshow

Week 10:
Budding – D4
Selection, filtering, focus

Week 11:
UX terms
Prototyping Demo
Concept Generation

Week 12:
D4 business models

Week 13:
D4 Elevator Pitch
Demo Generation

Week 14:
Effective presentation skills

Week 15:
Preparing for the Demo Day
D4 Presentation

Week 16:
Looking to the future potential ways forward


List of Presentations:

Week 3: D1 Elevator Pitch
Week 6: D2 Presentation of user analysis and market research
Week 9: Roadshow of Early Seeds
Week 15: Presentation of Demos

Throughout the program there will be guest lectures by prominent startup leaders.

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