Tel Aviv

Direct Service and/or PR | Chimes Israel

There are two different positions, and interns can select one, or combine the two: 1. Direct care- Working directly with people with special needs in a hands-on role. The specific projects can include working with the participants in athletics, arts & crafts, and assisting in many other activities, depending on the needs of the specific program and age of the participants (our programs serve special needs citizens of all ages). 2. Resource development- Working with the Resource Development Department as an intern. Tasks include helping to build a database of contacts, participate in planning of special events and campaigns, attending fundraising functions and workshops, helping to update the website, conduct research on grants and drafting letters of inquiry. This could also include creative projects such as web design, media development and more depending on the interest of the intern. The organization is happy to think out of the box.

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Rishon Lezion

Kindergarten for Children with Autism | Association for Children at Risk

This opportunity is to work at preschool/kindergarten with children with various mental disabilities. Interns will work with professionals such as psychologists and speech therapists interacting with 2-3 or 4-6 year olds- assisting, supervising, and supporting them.

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Tel Aviv

Gene Therapy and Endocrinology Research | Sourasky Medical Center

We are preparing new synthetic viruses based on AAV to be specific pharmacologic treatments for a number of human complaints. Part of our team has just finished the construction of one such virus that should only function in Thyroid cells (hopefully with a preference to Thyroid cancer) after 5-6 years of work. This was the main project of one of our Graduate students (PhD), who has just finished her graduate work. Now we would like to check the specificity of this virus in many types of human cell cultures, of thyroid origin as well as other tissues. Our intern's work will involve carrying out this study with a version of this virus that upon efficient infection will turn the infected cell green under FITC light. That is Thyroid cells should turn green, cells of other tissue origins should be their natural color. The work will entail preparing batches of this virus, determining their functional concentration, preparing primary cell cultures from human tissues and from human cell lines, infecting them with this and control virus (in a protected manner) and then following the infection to determine which cells gets infected and how well.

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Ramat Gan

Disabled Youth Internship | Israel Sport Center for the Disabled

Intern will work with children with special needs in therapeutic and rehabilitative activities. Intern will work in the day program either directly in classes or with a physical/occupational therapist.

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Physical Therapy | Alyn Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital

The hospital can take interns in the para health professions (physical therapy, speech therapy etc) as well as regular volunteers who are willing to work with children in very difficult situations. For example, a volunteer can assist in the day care as one of the staff. This includes feeding, changing and playing with the young children (up until age 3 in the day care).

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