Special Tracks

Y7 Israel Innovation & Entrepreneurship Internship Track

Founded and facilitated by the renowned PenZA Perception Lab group, the Y7 track introduces participants to a creative process based on a Design Thinking approach which exposes them to specific social, commercial and sustainability market needs, builds a strong team of like-minded participants, and gives the teams the tools to create new products and services to answer these challenges. The teams work together to generate innovative solutions that may later lead them to form their own enterprises. This track gives participants the opportunity and freedom to intern as entrepreneurs and generate unique projects.  Throughout the internship, Y7 mentors guide the process which culminates in a “demo day” where the projects are presented to potential investors, clients, or other stakeholders. 

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Career Israel Hospitality Track

Looking for some real hands on hotel experience in an international luxury hotel while living in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem? Look no further!

Career Israel has partnered with great luxury hotels to bring you the ultimate Hospitality Internship experience!

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