Web Site Developer | Neura

Job Description

Interns will be involved in:
• web page front end and back end development according to web site design and requirements
• working closely with designer of the site
• web client small database development
• integration to our web services for user authentication and identification

More Information

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Neura is an early stage start up that brings interoperability, context awareness and user centric view to connected devices world. Neura is a network of things people and places, enabling consolidation, automation and extrapolation with the plethora of connected devices in our life. Neura takes a user centric approach to the internet of things, making the devices around us cognizant of the users they serve –making them “intelligent” rather than “programmable”. By recognizing habits, and behavior patterns (having an adaptive machine learning at it’s core) Neura enables things with predictive and adaptive abilities, making our digital experiences more human.

Tel Aviv
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