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Video Editing Internship

Added on: 30th October 2012

Job Description

Video Editing, Pre and Post production, helping on sets, marketing, proof-reading texts. Research for documentaries, and can run with it and pitch it. Option to take archive footage and create trailers.

More Information

This is a multi-award winning production company that utilizes its pre and post production boutiques for both its Corporate and Television Divisions creating films from conception to final product.

This company has created a reputation for innovation and quality in the Israeli film industry by creating corporate identities and brand recognition across a broad range of genre and medium.

Having worked with Government Offices, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israeli Exporters, NGOs and Advertisers, this company is experienced in and uniquely positioned to produce powerful marketing tools for all areas of the economy, from high-tech to low-tech, from the multinational to the not-for-profit.

Tel Aviv
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