Start-Up Development | The Pears Innovation and International Development Program at Tel Aviv University

Job Description

The intern will help launch the first “innovation for development” accelerator program in Israel. This position provides exposure to all levels of the program’s operations as well as to key players in the field.

Responsibilities include;
• Assist staff on research of existing accelerator models and outlining of key elements critical to a successful program;
• Identification of potential local and international partners for implementation of accelerator
• Mapping and needs assessment of start up industry players eligible to apply for accelerators in fields such as health, alternative energy, agriculture, water, education and ICT
• Assistance in identification and recruitment of mentors both locally and internationally as aligned to needs of startups
• Identification of potential sponsors, VC and Angel funding for successful projects, etc.

More Information

The Pears Innovation and International Development Program at Tel Aviv University aims to make Israel the center of innovation and technological solutions for the developing world.

Israel has one of the world’s highest per capita high-tech start-up and venture capital industries. An overwhelming percent of these actors define developed regions such as Europe and the U.S as their target markets while overlooking opportunities in the developing world. Many are unaware of the fact that while 3.7 billion people worldwide live on less than $3 a day, this market currently represents an estimated $5 trillion in purchasing power. The markets at the bottom of the pyramid (BoP) present a tremendous opportunity. After all, over the past decade, six of the ten fastest growing economies in the world were in Africa and growth rates in Asia, Africa and Latin America are expected to far outstrip that of OECD countries in the foreseeable future. Given Israel’s expertise, and first-hand experience facing challenges in fields such as health, agriculture, water, alternative energy and ICT, we believe the country has massive potential to become a primary player in developing world innovations that can bring both a financial return and create significant social impact.

Tel Aviv
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