Social Media and Marketing Intern | SOOMLA

Job Description

- Content Marketing - create high quality content on our blog and website based on market research and data
- Forum marketing - promote SOOMLA in game development forums and blogs
- Engage in discussions with the SOOMLA community on our Answers website and other online forums (Reddit, StackOverflow, Unity forums, Quora etc.)
- Engage followers on social networks
- Generate leads for game studios interested in using SOOMLA's platform.
- Grow our newsletter audience to new dimensions

More Information

Social Media and Marketing Intern

We’re an open source company with the mission of helping indie game developers do more together. Founded in 2012 and backed by $2M in funding, our technology powers over 4000 live games. We live the startup dream every day and work for a true cause to build gaming communities. Develop code for virtual currency for developers to put into their games. Launching a new data analytics product

Tel Aviv
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