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Job Description

The intern would be responsible for strategy and execution of a social media and marketing plan to target potential audiences for Delicious Israel's goals and products. Tasks may include:
- Updating blog with relevant food-related and industry news.
- Visiting food locations and maintaining communications with local vendors.
- Tech/app related research and development.
- Outreach and marketing communications to potential clients.
- Information gathering from internet and media sources

More Information

Delicious Israel offers foodies and culture-seekers a unique and adventurous way to vacation and connect with Israel – through their passion. We offer personalized culinary walking tours, food/wine travel tours (in Israel), food photography, cooking workshops as well as lifestyle experiences including “day in the life of a local” experiences, artist studio visits and private yoga classes.

Our culinary and boutique specialty tours are limited to small groups so that together we can veer off the beaten path to eat, explore, learn and experience the authentic “insider” scene of Israeli lifestyle, history and culture.

Hannah Morrow was published on The Huffington Post during her internship at Delicious Israel! Read the article here

Tel Aviv
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