Social Media Assistant | Adquant

Job Description

The position entails a plethora of different responsibilities:
-Blogging industry and company breakthroughs
-Reading and reporting social media updates
-Running the company Twitter account
-Learning and formulating marketing strategies
-Conducting daily market research to understand emerging trends
-Media Buying: writing copy, designing pictures, and optimizing ads

More Information


Adquant was founded in 2007 by a Scottsman, a Mexican, and an Israeli. Becoming one of Facebook’s first Preferred Marketing Developers (PMDs), Adquanti has developed one of the online marketing industry’s top technologies to bring our clients Facebook’s top users. Having worked with a diverse range of clients such as Nissan, SodaStream, EA, Ice Age, and OMD, the organization prides itself on building long-lasting relationships rooted in ROI positive campaigns.

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Tel Aviv
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