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Job Description

This is an opportunity to learn a lot about the publishing/publicity industry and really dig into some interesting stuff. The internship will include the following types of responsibilities:
* Canvas the internet and find the best writing/publishing sites and blogs
* Canvas the internet and find the best business blogs
* Write (and preferably produce) several YouTube/vidlit/booktrailers on writing and publishing
* Post content to various social networking-type sites
* Pull together content on writing and publishing for a new website
* Engage in social media on behalf of some of our clients

The intern will have some interesting educational opportunities, including the opportunity to attend the all-day Publishing Game Workshop (on how to get a literary agent, set up and self-publish a book, and promote a book successfully), and regular 'coffee dates' with the CEO to discuss issues and opportunities in publicity and publishing today.

More Information offers books, workshops, and consulting to writers who are interested in publishing books; offers workshops and consulting, as well as an online journalist/business pitching forum, to business owners & nonprofits that want more U.S. media attention.

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