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Job Description

Start-up in the energy efficiency/technology sector seeking an intern to assist in designing a program for optimizing cost efficiency in hybrid isolated mini grids. The intern will work on website design and interface. A knowledge of JavaScript and/or Ruby is necessary. We capture data from components of hybrid mini grids to analyze in order for users of the program to make informed decisions about the future components (and retrofit) of the mini grid. The intern will work with one of the founders who is an electrical engineer and programmer - to create a suitable user interface for the program. There is further need/opportunity for building the Company website and working with the founder on various technical aspects of the program.

More Information

We are a start-up company with a solution for the energy/electricity sector in the developing world. Especially in developing countries there is a significant portion of the population that lives beyond the reach of the electric grid. These areas are suitable for hybrid mini grids. Our program will be used for cost efficiency and optimization of isolated hybrid mini grids – providing lower cost electricity and greater opportunity for rural communities in developing countries. The founders have years of experience in management, start-up business, and working at renown institutions such as the Intel, Lehman Brothers, and the Israel Electric Company.

Tel Aviv
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