Production, Styling, Arts and Fashion Assistant | Con Art Magazine

Job Description

Styling and production assistance on set.
Assisting Creative Director in pre and post production, events
Updating and maintaining documents, drop box, pinterest, scouting for artists for various categories such as beauty, music, art, fashion, mens, tech, and lifestyle.
Graphic design assistance.

Each internship is personalized on an individual basis where experience is had and/or sought as well as the current needs in the business

More Information

Con Art is a quarterly print magazine and artist’s platform based out of Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, that immerses itself in the realms of fashion, art, and culture. We aim to dispel the mystique between the artist and the consumer by breaking down the barriers of ostentatiousness that are so commonly associated with the art and fashion industries. Focusing on the intersection of art and fashion allows us to provide a fresh breath to the individuality of expression that has been gradually removed in the presence of fashion royalty.


con art magazine

Tel Aviv
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