PR/Media/External Relations Coordinator | Microfy

Job Description

Interns will have a wide range of tasks and need to be able to operate independently.

Interns will be responsible for developing Microfy’s online presence (facebook, website, online donation sites) to raise awareness of our work amongst potential clients, donors, volunteers etc and to garner support for our goals.

Interns will also be responsible for developing Microfy’s media capacity – monitoring media for relevant stories, proposing responses or feature articles and writing and submitting items together with staff.

Interns will also support staff with fundraising and general external relations – writing proposals, reports, seeking new sources of funding etc.
Other roles within the work of the organization can be discussed depending on the interests and skills of the intern, and Microfy’s needs.

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Microfy , a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization, works with women who are often overlooked: the residents of Tel Aviv’s southern neighborhoods, who live a world away from the city’s lucrative hi-tech scene. In addition to providing training to entrepreneurs, the women are enrolled in a business forum, which gives them on-going support as well as critical business contacts.

Microfy’s mission is to give women, refugees and asylum seekers the tools to sustain themselves and become economically independent. We support women, refugees and asylum seekers, an often forgotten and neglected group, in Israel through our microfinance loan program. We provide more than loans — every borrower goes through an intensive training and mentorship process.

Tel Aviv
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