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Job Description

The stories from those who visit Israel are powerful. But, how do we effectively get those stories heard? As an online marketing manager, you will be in charge of BOMAH’s key marketing outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, HootSuite and more. You will be at the forefront of the news coming from our contributors and making sure those stories are effectively distributed to our network.

Required Skills:
-Experience with social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, etc.
-Knowledge of digital media software – -Photoshop or other graphic design software – preferred.
-Knowledge of video editing software – iMovie, Final Cut, or Windows Live Movie Maker – preferred.
-Ability to develop a detailed and professional marketing plan.
-Experience proofreading and editing.

Other Skills:
-Ability to ask pertinent questions, willingness to learn and grow.
-Excellent written and verbal communication, strong editing skills.
-Creativity, with an eye for design.
-Willingness to contribute video blogs, press releases, and Facebook posts daily.
-Energy and initiative to offer fresh ideas on how to grow our online presence.
-Ability to deal with uncertainty and pressure.
-Ability to contribute individually, as well as participate in cross-functional teams.

More Information

BOMAH | The Brand of Milk & Honey positively re-brands Israel by identifying why Israel is important and demonstrating how to share stories thought social media.

Our focus is to help program participants translate their personal experience into messages and inspiration for others regarding Israel. BOMAH focuses on the power of the individual, the power of relationship building, and of personal narratives. This program will empower you to take these concepts into the social media world.

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