Online Education | The Melton Centre for Jewish Education

Job Description

Interns will be:
- Producing online courses.
- Filming, editing, thinking activities, uploading materials.
- Working together with the lecturer
- Administration of online courses and online websites.
- Interviewing lecturers and students and producing articles for the Facebook page of Melton.

More Information


The Melton Centre for Jewish Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, one of the premier institutions of Jewish education,  is actively responding to the challenges of Jewish Communities around the world through research, degree courses, teacher training and curricular development, as well as through interactive educational projects with youth and adults worldwide.

The Melton Centre sees the educational engagement of its faculty and student body with the central texts of the Jewish tradition as one of its primary goals. It seeks to ensure that its students are equipped to join the ongoing conversation on life and learning that has characterized Jewish civilization through the millennia.

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