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The International Student Internship Program offers real field work, on the front lines of the media & PR war of the Palestinian-Arab-Israeli conflict. You will receive a firsthand opportunity to correspond & interact with international academics, government officials, students & youth from around the world, and build relationships with local families in Sderot and the kibbutzim area. We guarantee a friendly and welcoming environment to work side-by-side with SMC local staff.

1. Media Advocacy and International Marketing: Promoting SMC's latest documentary "Standing Resilient in Israel", a film sponsored by the US Embassy in Israel.

2. PR & Marketing: Sderot Visitor & Heritage Center. Recognized by the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel.

3. International Marketing and PR: Promoting SMC's professional guided visits, educational seminars and lectures.

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sderot media center

Looking for a way to take part in Israel Advocacy? Sderot Media Center is the only media center in Southern Israel that portrays the human side of the Israeli story to the international community, representing 1 million Israelis in southern Israel living on the borders of Gaza.

This organization is a news agency that uncovers and publicizes the voices of Sderot and western Negev residents who suffer daily from the terror of Qassam rocket attacks. The organization provides Israeli and international news media with on-site film footage and reporting of the Qassam rocket attacks and its traumatic impact on Sderot residents. It also conducts tours and hasbara related activities (lectures, media presentations) to raise awareness of the rocket situation among visiting diplomats, foreign media, and student groups.

Recognized by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Israel Government Press Office, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and the Israel Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (IICC), Sderot Media Center represents the daily threat of missile attack that now 1 million Israelis face.

Sderot, Israel
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