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Job Description

Interns will be positioned in the company's Intelligence Division, working alongside the veteran risk consultants and intelligence analysts. Interns will gain valuable exposure to the inner workings of a private consulting firm, including:
-Gathering relevant information by utilizing multiple sources.
-Monitoring security-related events taking place in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
-Providing research and analysis for in-depth reports.
-Authoring and submitting analysis articles for major media publications.
-Assisting in product development and marketing.
-Learning about the integration of on-ground operations and intelligence.
-Journalism: Sharing information, writing op eds, or providing commentary.
-Standout interns who excel and meet our qualifications may become eligible for future employment – No guarantees.

More Information

Max Security Solutions is a global leader in providing comprehensive, client-tailored risk-mitigation solutions. From executive protection and travel security, to facility consulting and intelligence, we strive to enable our client’s business continuity in the world’s most complex operating environments.

Since 1996, our professionalism and passion for service has enabled us to keep climbing to new heights, providing high level services all over the world. Operating out of regional hubs in Europe, the Middle East, south Asia, and Africa, we provide a global reach with a truly local touch.

Tel Aviv
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