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Lingostars is looking for energetic teachers for an afternoon position teaching English to kids aged 6-9 in a fun and creative setting.

Someone who is fun and wants to be there. Passionate about kids, kind, caring, patient, creative, fun, imaginative, resourceful. Bonus ** Someone interested in arts, sports, good level of Hebrew, conflict resolution skills, bring new ideas **

More Information


Lingostars is a brand new after school English Language Program based in Holon, that teaches English through fun, interactive means, allowing the kids to absorb English through games, music, science, sport, art and much more.
Teaching kids to learn English in a more natural way as opposed to as a second language.
Working with kids age 6-10. 1st-4th grade.  10-12 kids per group and they get the attention that they need.  We support learners in many different ways, using the different senses.


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