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Job Description

Interns will work as first responders on ambulances and mobile intensive care units, under the supervision of senior medics and paramedics. Interns will treat patients in all types of emergency situations. Interns that stay for a few months might have an opportunity to do more advanced classes. (There is an additional cost for the MDA program because of training and accommodations for the course)/

More Information

Magen David Adom provides emergency medical and ambulance services throughout Israel.


Who interned here?

Lindsay S3

Lindsay Sirkin on Career 17

“There are no words to describe how incredible this opportunity has been to work for Magen David Adom. I now have a community of Israeli friends, training as an EMT and experience I will never forget. I hope to return in the near future to Israel and volunteer again at my station.”

Read more about Lindsay’s experience here.


Rebecca Getto on Onward Boston Haifa Israel 2014

“The experience is absolutely exhilarating and I am so excited to be spending my entire summer working at such an incredible organization! Interacting with patients, medics, and other volunteers is giving me greater insight into the world of medicine in Israel and provides an avenue for me to give back to the country that I love so much!”

Tel Aviv
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