Chemical, Biological or Mechanical Engineer | Aquanos

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Opportunities in Chemical, Biological and Mechanical Engineering at the R&D center. Intern will support the engineering team.

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Aquanos‘ first-of-its-kind technology tackles two of the world’s most pressing challenges: clean water and clean energy. Its microalgae-based system is capable of delivering high-grade effluent while using up to 90% less energy compared with conventional aerobic wastewater treatment plants. The Aquanos wastewater treatment plant produces biogas, making it a net-energy positive facility, and its algae can be harvested to produce valuable by-products such as fertilizers and bioplastics.
Basically, we’re bringing next generation wastewater treatment plants around the world. We build an end-to-end plant and are targeting municipalities and industrial players in the US/Africa/Asia. Our plant is cheaper and more efficient to build. We are a young startup but are growing quickly and there’s a ton of amazing work to be done.

Tel Aviv
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