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We offer a few different positions:

1.Research Department – Research Analyst
Research Department focuses on providing the intelligence resources to serve our clients in diverse industries. We apply intelligence methods for collecting and analyzing data through advanced, cutting-edge technologies. After performing in-depth research, we deliver actionable intelligence solutions and provides valuable insights to decision makers. In the Research Department, we monitor competition, identify trends, and collect and analyze vast amounts of data. This information comes from multiple sources of all relevant ecosystem entities: academic research institutions, key opinion leaders, emerging start-ups to growth companies, market leaders in healthcare & life sciences, ICT, Cleantech & emerging technologies, and Consumer Packaged Goods industries. In this department, we provide the hard data and substance behind the intelligence insights we provide to our clients.

2. The Information Sourcing Department – Information Sourcing Analyst
This Sourcing Division is responsible for obtaining the data that goes into our maps, transforming it into coherent information, and creating the framework from which insights are revealed. Team members are involved in the project from Day One, helping the account managers translate the client's questions into information queries, deciding on the amount of time and resources that will be allocated to the project, and activating the technological team that collects the data. This department is also responsible for the continuous search for tools that will aid the search as well as the processing of information, and its expertise in handling data is invaluable in constructing an intelligent and useful product. Working in the Information Division requires having a strategic as well as a flexible mindset, as this is the place where our products begin to take shape.

3. Marketing Department - Marketing & Communications Analyst (MCA)
The Marketing & Communications branch empowers the company by enhancing the quality of its written work, presentations, and relations with clients. The MCA is responsible for maintaining the company's excellence in its output to clients, which includes a diverse breadth of formats, such as Word information packets and PowerPoint presentations. The MCA should have strong written and verbal communication skills. This role focuses on the company's public relations through creating and editing content, so this individual should also have a passion for business and writing. The MCA will assist with projects like the company website and client deliverables. One of the most rewarding aspects of this position is that the MCA has the opportunity to work with all of d&a's departments. This unique factor allows the MCA to learn about a variety of industries that d&a serves for ecosystem intelligence solutions.

4. Business Development Department - Business Development Analyst (BDA) The Business Development branch is responsible for strengthening the company through strategic partnerships, new initiatives, and product development. We work cross-functionally with different teams to develop new products and negotiate business deals.The BDA identifies leads and prospects through the company database. The BDA works with the Vice President of Business Development in order to determine appropriate strategies and approaches for acquiring new clients and establishing new partnerships that support pipeline generation.

More Information

logoSignals Intelligence Group is the leading provider of ecosystem intelligence solutions. We apply best-practice intelligence methodologies and use incredibly advanced technologies that enable decision makers to take action. Our approach is two-fold: We provide a broad ecosystem overview in and out of your industry as well as a closer, more detailed view on each player within the ecosystem. Together, we deliver the latest business discoveries relevant to your company and offer game-changing, actionable insights.

Signals Intelligence Group provides an excellent working environment for interns coming from abroad. This company allows individuals to gain a unique experience that combines the features of international business, technology, interpersonal communication, research, and the Israeli work culture. The dynamic combination of these aspects allows for an optimal learning experience in which interns can both showcase their talents and glean new skills as well.


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Alexis Domb

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