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Business Development Analyst | IOTT

Added on: 19th March 2013

Job Description

The Business Development branch is responsible for strengthening the company through strategic partnerships, new initiatives, and product development. We work cross-functionally with different teams to develop new products and negotiate business deals. The intern will identifies leads and prospects through the company database. Tasks include working with the Business Development Manager in order to determine appropriate strategies and approaches for acquiring new clients and establishing new partnerships that support pipeline generation.

More Information

IOTT‘s goal is to close the gap between the technology and the end user, by strengthening product knowledge and operational usage so it is operated at its full potential. By escorting and guiding organization participants in the implementation process, IOTT creates the proactive stance necessary for the successful integration of new technologies into their clients’ daily life.
In order to retain exact usage of the OEM’s product, IOTT recognizes that accurate implementation of a new product is an integral part of their service. By understanding the end user’s needs, the company creates a tailor-made implementation program so that the new technology is not only utilized correctly, but becomes a key factor within their organization.
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