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As part of the SALEAD team you will be part of the sales and marketing department and report to the VP of Marketing/CEO. You will also support the R&D/Customer Support department while working with the company's beta clients. You will be in charge of analyzing business data, understanding and analyzing customers requirements and auditing/improving the business information results for clients. You will also help in increasing the quality and the relevancy of the supplied information for the Company's clients.

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SALEAD is an innovative business networking platform for automatic creation of Live Business Opportunities and market Business Intelligence (BI). The platform enables and automates the entire process of finding the next sales opportunity for a business at the perfect time!

Intelligent semantic engine paired with an innovative business network platform offers interactive connection features between and for companies, to identify and match new live sale opportunities. Dynamic company profiles with online linking to their official websites and to unlimited internet sources collect business information on competitors and market key players and generate a great pool of unexpired online Digital SALE-LEADS with valuable information for every businessman, whoever and wherever he is.

Tel Aviv
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