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Our intern will have the opportunity to run clinics in public schools to introduce Israeli children to baseball, to organize teams in new neighborhoods where baseball was not played previously, and to run clinics for coaches and players to improve their baseball skills.

More Information

565004_10151863786029248_2012040065_aThe Israel Association of Baseball (IAB) organizes teams and leagues in Israel, promotes baseball in Israel, and sends national teams overseas to represent Israel in baseball.

The mission of the IAB is to:‎
• Advance and teach the game of baseball in Israel through organized teams and ‎leagues.‎

• Encourage friendly exchanges and competition through the game of baseball ‎among all groups in Israel and with players in other countries.‎

• Develop closer and better relationships between new immigrants and Israeli ‎children through the game of baseball game.‎

• Promote a culture of sport, team work and achievement.‎

Who interned here?

Sam Friedman

Sam FreidmanRead about Sam’s experience at the Israel Association of Baseball here!
Tel Aviv
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