B2B Marketing Specialist | Checkmarx

Job Description

Intern will have the opportunity to:
• Monitor (using state of the art software) the conversations taking place across social media about the company, and getting involved in the discussion. If needed, alerting the relevant people within the organization about the conversation, or using technical experts for compiling the response.
• Research – assisting with the identification and implementation of new marketing channels for Checkmarx.
• Creating non-technical content – for email newsletters, documents, social media publications, etc.

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Checkmarx develops next generation Application Security Testing solutions. The product enables software developers and security auditors to easily scan software source code in all major coding languages and identify all the security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

Named Visionary and Cool Vendor by Gartner, Checkmarx’s serves hundreds of Fortune 500, Government and SMB organizations in over 30 countries.

Sample clients include: salesforce.com, US Army, LivePerson, Atlassian, NCR, and more.

Tel Aviv
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