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Our international program is seeking an intern to work in the position of assistant producer. This includes reaching out to various countries and discovering festivals in which our productions can take part in. The intern will then follow up with the business end of things from start to finish to make sure the connection is made and both production teams have what they need. Our intern will also assist with marketing, social media and development. Additional tasks depend on the timing of the internship and what is going on in the way of production in the theater, but there could also be opportunities in production, costume design and set design.

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Since 2005 the Incubator Theater has put on more than 1,500 shows from 30 original productions and plays, including a television series on Channel 10. It has also gained the recognition of public bodies such as the Jerusalem municipality and the Ministry of Culture. The Incubator Theater is based in Beit Maziya, a theater complex located in the center of Jerusalem.

The Theater aims to be a significant agent of cultural change in Jerusalem and an active force in developing an urban climate of pluralism and openness that accommodates a wide spectrum of opinions and world views. The Incubator Theater also seeks to foster excellence in theater arts and acting, in original and classic works, and highlight its unique position as a direct instrument for entertainment, education, and culture in an era where technology and electronic media reign.

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