Assistant to Film Festival & Overseas Connection Manager and Internet Research | Go2Films

Job Description

Film entry forms and applications for International Film Festivals, building our new mailing lists, uploading new materials to our website, and much more.

More Information

Go2Films Israeli Films Distribution & Marketing specializes in the distribution, marketing and exhibition of Independent Israeli fiction and Israeli documentary films, as well as International and Jewish films. Founded in 2005, Go2Films focuses on high-quality films that explore the social and multi-cultural aspects of life, focusing on moving stories that resonate for the world-wide audience.

Go2Films Israeli Films catalogue boasts more than 100 titles, for sales and for non-theatrical screenings. Go2Films Catalog  includes the award-winning Israeli series Arab Labor and Srugim, the Israeli documentaries Voices from El Sayed, Desert Brides, the Israeli drama films Pinchas, A Green Chariot and new Israeli features such as Five Hours from Paris and Eli & Ben.

With extensive background in the educational market, Go2Films specializes in creating innovative ways to market its films to the broadest audience possible and receive maximum exposure.

Who interned here?

Lauren Capkanis

Lauren Capkanis interned at Go2Films while on Onward Israel Boston Jerusalem. Read about her experience here!

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