Assistant Director | Project TEN – The Jewish Agency

Job Description

The project in general and the position specifically is flexible, which means we will adapt the position to the fellow chosen and the work needed to be done.

Some of the work will be structured, but a lot of it will be very independent and dynamic. The initiative, the creativity and open thinking of the fellow will create the structure of the position.

The Fellow will be part of a team and will be able to give his input alongside to carrying out tasks such as;
1. Help in institutionalization and establishment of the program.
2. Planning of training days for volunteers and staff.
3. Presentation of the program at student fairs ect.
4. Help in marketing the program to possible applicants
5. Making contacts with organizations/personals/future partners
6. Research of the academic side of Jewish service learning
7. Developing an online training program for staff.
8. Lead the developing of a Alumni organization.

More Information

For many years, various Jewish and Israeli organizations and groups of individuals have initiated attempts to create what could roughly be called a ‘Jewish Peace Corps’. The desire to generate leadership, and the building of capacity within us and others for a more just and sustainable future were constant themes in the vision for such work.

The Jewish Agency initiated a new program that will establish volunteer Centers around the world.
Project TEN aims to serve local communities, according to their unique needs and resources, and eventually assist in developing sustainability for generations to come. The volunteers, young Jewish adults in their 20s and 30s from all over the world, are highly motivated to bring about a significant change.

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