Assistant Controller | Frito Lay Strauss

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The position is in the finance area as an assistant to the company's controller .The position will include several accounting aspects like financial reports (monthly and quarterly) ,cash flow, fixed asset, tax, productivity projects, and any additional projects as needed. There is a great benefit since we are working with both Strauss and Pepsico on the financial reports and we learn a lot from both sides

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Strauss Frito Lay is a JV of both Pepsico inc. and Strauss Group (50%-50%), It’s a food company establish in 1997, working in the core salty category producing Tapuchips (Lays), Doritos, Cheetos, Quaker, peanuts,and has its own factory and sales division in Israel. This is a great company with good environment and kind people, there are a lot of accomplishments through the years and future challenges. As a JV we are expose to both Strauss group company ( an international food and beverage company ) and to Pepsico inc a global food and beverage company

Petach Tikva
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