Animal Rescue Assistant | The Israel Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

Job Description

If you have a deep love and passion for animals and the environment then this the internship for you! We are looking for a dedicated intern ready to delve into the hands on world of animal rescue and rehabilitation. Your duties will include feeding and bathing the turtles, assisting staff with treating wounds, facility maintenance, some PR work and giving the turtles lots of love and special treatment. (You even learn how to give turtle massages!) You have the opportunity to witness everything from rescues, to mating and nesting season to releasing patients back into the sea. The only qualifications necessary are a deep love for animals and the environment!

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Since the late 1990’s The Israel Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center has been working to preserve Israel’s sea turtle population.  Volunteers work tirelessly, providing services from cleanings to blood work to X-Rays to complicated surgeries with the ultimate goal of releasing as many of their patients back into the wild as possible.


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