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A key component of this organization is the presentation of high-quality media coverage on a variety of anti-Semitism related topics on a daily basis.

The Advocacy Journalism Internship will focus on the organizations internet and media operations. This will include researching news topics, conducting interviews, working with counter-hate organizations and experts, and ultimately producing media materials for the website and for other dissemination. Various additional activities are also routine, such as preparing press briefings and information packs, marketing activities, online promotion, etc.

The internship requires excellent writing skills, strong research and analysis capabilities, and a strong commitment. A solid background in history, particularly Jewish history, is highly desirable.

More Information

Fight Hatred is the Jabotinsky International Center’s project which combats anti-Semitism with an aim to foster a proactive approach to combating this age-old illness. The site works to;

  • Increase public awareness of anti-Semitic developments.
  • Showcase and supporting the work of organizations and individuals dedicated to the fight against hatred.
  • Provide informational resources to educators, decision makers, journalists and all others seeking insights and facts.
  • Operate a range of educational projects.
Tel Aviv
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