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Reut Tsohar

Director of the Long-Term English Speaking Programs Department

Reut Tsohar was born and raised in Jerusalem and served in the IDF as a social worker. After the army Reut worked for the Jewish Agency for Israel in Budapest, Hungary, as the Coordinator of the Education Department. In this position she was responsible for coordinating all young adult programming including Masa Israel and other Israel programs for the community. Reut completed her BA in Psychology and Education and her Masters in Organizational Consulting and has been working for Career Israel since 2007.  She and her husband Tamir are the proud parents of Ma’ayan, Alma and Oded.

Elana Glickman

Director of Internship Placement Services, Israel Experience and Development for Career Israel

Elana was born and raised in New York and made aliyah 11 years ago. Elana served as the Coordinator of the OTZMA program and the Coordinator of English speaking Aliyah promotion programs for Tnuat Aliyah of the Jewish Agency for Israel. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Queens College and a Masters in Social Work with a specialization in Community Organizing from Hunter College School of Social Work. Elana began working for Career Israel in 2007.  She and her husband Meir are the proud parents of four children.


Aryeh Solomon

Director of Career Israel

Aryeh was born and raised in Israel to American parents.  After his army service as a commander in the paratroopers division, Aryeh studied education at Herzog College and taught in several schools.  He also worked at various informal education programs including directing Yavneh Olami’s summer internship program in Israel.  Aryeh lives in Efrat with his wife and two children. He enjoys playing soccer and reading.

Itai Hacham

Educational Coordinator

Itai Hacham is originally from a small town in the Negev, called Lehavim, just outside of the city of Be’er Sheva. He is a former emissary of the Jewish Agency, where he worked at the summer camp, OSRUI, in Wisconsin. By working there, and living in Chicago for a year, he became extremely connected to the Diaspora Jewry. After being done with this amazing experience, he studied and recently graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, majoring in International Relations and Business Administration.

These days he is very active in the endeavors of shaping Israel’s global image, being the Educational Coordinator of Career Israel, and previously an Internship Coordinator for Onward Israel at the Israel Experience, along with blogging for the Times of Israel. He is also a big sports fan, especially of Maccabi Tel-Aviv both in soccer and basketball.

Rachel Skoff

Director of Recruitment

Rachel was born and raised in New Jersey.  She graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Sociology and Jewish studies, and spent a semester abroad at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  Rachel then received a Master’s degree in Leadership in Education from Bank Street College in New York.  She worked in Masa New York for two years before moving to Jerusalem and joining the Israel Experience team.

Rachel enjoys long walks around Jerusalem and is always in search of the perfect Friday brunch.

Pamela Waijman

Career Israel Summer Internship Placement Coordinator 

Pamela Waijman was born in Miami, Florida to Argentinian parents. She received her BA in Art with a minor in Art History and had a steady career in the field. She decided she needed a career change and knew she wanted to start a life in Israel. She decided to pursue her master’s degree at Tel Aviv University in Crisis and Trauma Studies, and within a few months decided to make Aliyah. A major Zionist and lover of all things Israel, Pamela realized she wanted to help others fall in love with Israel the same way she did. Pamela currently lives in Tel Aviv and  began working with Career Israel in the Winter of 2015 and is hoping to show every participant what Israel has to offer.

Shunit Karako

Career Israel Internship Placement Coordinator 

Shunit Karako was born and raised in Reut Maccabim, Israel and spent some time in Amherst MA. Before coming to Career Israel she worked as a Social Worker helping mentally handicapped patients acclimate to new employment. From there she started working as an English teacher in Beer Sheva, where she met her husband Niv. Shunit’s greatest dream in life is to be an American and loves learning about American pop culture from her participants.

Shira Woolf

Marketing Coordinator for Long Term English Speaking Programs 

New York native, Shira Woolf, has been living in Israel since 2004. Since her arrival, she has studied in a post-high school seminary, received her BA in English Literature from Bar Ilan University, co-founded a student organization in Bar Ilan for English speaking students, acted, produced and stage directed multiple plays for the Bar Ilan Acting Society and assisted 80,000 US voters in Israel to vote in the 2012 US Elections. Shira started working at the Israel Experience as a Summer Internship Placement Coordinator so she  lives in perpetual summer and insists on wearing flip flops and sun dresses at all times.

Sarah Schloss

Israel Experience Program Advisor 

Sarah Schloss was born and raised in Riverdale, NY. She moved to Israel in the summer of 2012 ten days after completing her BA in Urban studies and planning from Queens College. Four months after her big move, Sarah went on to serve in the Israeli army as an infantry shooting instructor. After her army service, in true Israeli spirit, she boarded a plane and traveled to South East Asia. After months of trekking, temple hopping and eating infinite bowls of pad Thai Sarah returned to Israel motivated and energized to work at Israel Experience.

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Sara Ravitch

Sara was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  When she was 18, she chose to do a gap year program in Israel studying at Hebrew University for a semester and then moving down south to Yerucham to volunteer for 4 months.  Sara returned to the States and received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in education from Temple University.  After completing her studies and visiting Israel many times as a participant on various programs and also being an advisor on Birthright, she made aliyah in December 2014.  She has been living and working in Jerusalem ever since.

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Aleeza Hartstein

Registration Coordinator

Aleeza Hartstein hails from Columbus, Ohio where she was one of six graduates in her high school class. She spent a year learning in Midreshet Moriah in Jerusalem and is currently the Bat Sherut for the Long Term Registration department. Aleeza is so excited to be part of the Israel Experience team where she can help others like herself find their place volunteering for a cause they believe in in Israel.


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