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Sample itinerary

Career 18 Program Itinerary
February 9, 2015– July 7th, 2015

Career Israel 11 tours the Negev

Career Israel 11 tours the Negev

This is a tentative itinerary and subject to change.

*Intensive Ulpan will take place during the two week orientation in Tel Aviv.


February 9-11

Orientation in Jerusalem and check in to Beit Leni


February 12-26

Orientation and educational programming in Tel Aviv


March 1

First day of internships


March 5-6



March 13-14

Optional Shabbat in the West Bank


March 29-31

South Trip

*Interns will be absent from work on the days of the trip.


April 4-10



April 15

Holocaust Memorial Day at Yad V’Shem


April 17-18

Optional Shabbat with Ethiopian families


April 21

National Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror Attacks at Mt. Herzl & Latrun


May 1-2

Dialogue Seminar

* The seminar will take place on Friday and Saturday and will not require absence from work.

The interns will spend the weekend with Israeli students. Activities include guided group discussions and social activities.


May 11

MASA Culture Event


May 15-16

Optional Shabbat at a kibbutz/moshav


May 21

Sderot Day

*Interns will be absent from work on the day of the trip.

June 2-4

North Trip

*Interns will be absent from work on the days of the trip.


June 8

Next Step Seminar


June 30

Last day of internships!


July 1-2

Ending seminar


July 7

Finishing Program — Check out is 8AM!


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