All About the Ladies | Top 10 Internships for Women’s Empowerment

Added on: 8th March 2016

Just in time for International Women’s Day, we at Career Israel are proud to present our top TEN internships at organizations and companies who are all about women’s empowerment.


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The Israel Women’s Network is a not-profit organization comprised of women who are united in their determination to improve the status of women in Israel, regardless of political affiliation, religious outlook or ethnic origin. Established in 1984, it was the first organization in Israel dedicated to promoting women’s rights and equality. Since its beginnings, it has scored many successes, including: initiating laws such as the Sexual Harassment Prevention Law of 1998, representing precedent-setting lawsuits fighting discrimination in the workplace; passage of an amendment to the Family Courts Law, thereby enabling Muslim and Christian women to settle matters of maintenance and custody in civil courts; efforts to help women who have been refused divorce [agunot]; helping victims of sex trafficking and more. Apply Now!


kol haisha

Kol HaIsha – The Jerusalem Women’s Center is a grassroots women’s organization located in downtown Jerusalem. Its mission is to develop and promote a feminist multicultural model of social change, empowering women from different, often marginalized, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations, nationalities, etc.

The organization runs small business and employment readiness workshops; a Counseling, Information and Referral Center, enabling women to access their rights; employment training programs, classes, lectures, etc. Apply Now!


center for women's justice

Established in 2004, the Center for Women’s Justice (CWJ) is a recognized leader in the struggle to end injustices perpetrated against women in the name of religion. In Israel, where there are two government-funded court systems—civil and rabbinic—only rabbinic courts can decide matters concerning marriage and divorce. Our pioneering legal solutions address the problems that occur when policies and rulings of Israel’s rabbinic establishment violate the basic rights of women to equality and self-determination. Apply Now!


golda meir center

The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC) was established in 1961 to assist in the training of women engaged in community work in the newly emerging states in Africa and Asia. Since the establishment of MCTC, some 19,000 participants from over 150 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Oceania and the Caribbean have attended over 650 capacity building programs and workshops, and 28 International Conferences for Women Leaders, conducted in Israel. In addition, MCTC conducts between 20 – 30 institutional capacity building programs in partner countries throughout each year, for hundreds more trainees throughout the developing world. MCTC focuses on three areas of study: Community Development, Early Childhood Education and Organization and Management of Microenterprises, all with gender as a cross-cutting issue. In each training program there are up to 30 women and men from 10 to 27 countries. Usually two workshops are conducted concurrently in different languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian or Arabic). Apply Now!



Itach, Woman Lawyers for Social Justice, is an organization of female lawyers committed to promoting social justice for women. The organization provides legal information and services for women, runs courses to teach women about their legal rights, and is active in lobbying and in legal action to advance women’s rights both in Israel and abroad. Apply Now!



WMN is a new seaside co-work space for women entrepreneurs. It’s where women launch ventures, do business and get inspired. Our mission is to bridge the gender gap in the startup ecosystem. We do this by providing our community members with a co-working space, professional events and workshops as well as mentors and networking opportunities with profound and leading women and men in the industry that want to “pay it forward”. Apply Now!



Microfy, a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization, works with women who are often overlooked: the residents of Tel Aviv’s southern neighborhoods, who live a world away from the city’s lucrative hi-tech scene. In addition to providing training to entrepreneurs, the women are enrolled in a business forum, which gives them on-going support as well as critical business contacts.

Microfy’s mission is to give women, refugees and asylum seekers the tools to sustain themselves and become economically independent. We support women, refugees and asylum seekers, an often forgotten and neglected group, in Israel through our microfinance loan program. We provide more than loans — every borrower goes through an intensive training and mentorship process. Apply Now!


pink pangea

Pink Pangea, the community for women who love to travel, is a fast-growing site where women share their travels and inspire others to see the world. As international travelers, we became frustrated by the lack of credible information about travel for women. Existing travel sites presented—at best—a paragraph that dealt with women’s concerns and others were filled with non-specific information. We know that the real travel experts are the people who have actually been there.

Since joining the Pink Pangea community, Pink Pangea writers have contributed to international publications and news programs, including The Guardian, CBS, Elite Daily, Go Overseas, FOOD & WINE, and, and have continued to see the world through Peace Corps, Fulbright Scholar Program, university studies, work, and of course, on their own. Apply Now!



ImaKadima is a non profit organization that addresses the inherent need for practical solutions for career-minded moms on a micro level and advocates implementation of mutually beneficial, family friendly work policies on a macro level. Apply Now!


the knowitalls

Imagine today’s girls growing up to be tomorrow’s key players in science! The KnowItAlls are dedicated to inspiring girls to love science through their international community, educational toy line and training workshops.

We give girls a role model – their age and older and create a community of girls who love science. Apply Now!